Saturday, 18 August 2012

Update | Busy Few Days!

Hey everyone, I thought that today I could give you a little update as to what's going to be happening over the next few days. I'm going to be super busy the next few days. Whilst I'm doing these things, I want to spend time with my family and just have a good time, instead of thinking about having to write a blog post whenever I can squeeze them in. So! I came up with a plan. I've wrote seven blog posts in advance to be uploaded over the next week, so all I'll have to do is upload them daily. I hope that you can all understand that I want to spend time with my family- but you're still getting content, which is the only thing that matters, really!

I'll be going to Cardiff on one of the next few days, on a huge shopping spree- so look forward to seeing some of the goodies that I picked up in a blog post when the week is over! Another thing that I'll be doing is celebrating my Granddad's birthday, who I'm sure won't mind me saying, is celebrating his 77th birthday this year. I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody over the next few days and having a fabulous time! I'm sure the diet will be put on hold, though!

As far as blog-related things go, I've been toying with the idea of making an almost-daily update channel, but I'd actually have to get some readers that'd be interested first! So I think that will remain a distant plan. Another thing that I've been thinking of is to have a bit of a follow spree on Blogger of loads of beauty blogs that I'd find interesting to read, so if you think I'd be interested in your blog- feel free to comment or tweet me @dailybeaut.

Another thing that I'd like to mention is that I'm going to be starting 6th form when I go back to school at the very end of August, which is exciting! I'm actually looking forward to going back to school- but I've just got to finish all of my induction work before hand, otherwise I might not get there! Also, more exciting news is that I'll be getting my exam results on the 23rd this month, so I'll probably give you an update on those once I've found out what they are!

And finally, the only remaining news is in early November, I'm going to be going on a cruise on the Queen Mary to places like Bruges and Guernsey for a few days, so I'll be writing blog posts before and just uploading them every day. I'm super excited!

So, I hope you have a fabulous few days! Don't forget that posts are still going up, they've just been pre-written, but no worries- everything'll be back to normal in a few days time when everything dies down. See you soon!

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