Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Wardrobe Essentials As Of Now

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on blah blah blah. For today's post, I'm taking a fashion route and I'm going to be showing you key pieces of my wardrobe that make-up different types of outfits that I wear. Hope you enjoy and make sure to follow if this stuff interests you (as I'm sure it does. If not, why are you here?).

The Peplum
Above you see my Black Peplum top from Topshop that cost me £16 before they took the non-zippy ones away and replaced them with zip-backed £18 versions that seem to do exactly the same thing. I'd been eyeing these tops up ever since I saw them on the Topshop app- in particular fancying the black and white coloured ones as they can pretty much be shoved on with the majority of my clothing. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how lovely the fit was when I tried it on, so I decided to spend my pennies for this lovely addition to my wardrobe. I think that this can be worn with a tube skirt, a pair of slim-fitting jeans, leggings (if you go for any colour other than black in the top) mainly just to make the outfit a little bit more sophisticated and classy. On second thoughts, skip the leggings. 

The Blazer
Right now, blazers are definitely growing in popularity. At first you might think "well, they can look a little bit like interview-wear" but I think that they can be worn wherever depending on what you wear with them. If you fancy going out for a slap up meal, go ahead and wear your heels, dress and your new swish blazer. If you just want to go out shopping, wear a casual t-shirt, pop some leggings on and shrug a boyfriend blazer over your shoulders. I think that if worn with the right stuff and you've got a nicely fitting blazer for your body type then go ahead and make it a go-to wardrobe item. Why not?

The Dainty Dress
So it doesn't have to be mint green and from Primark, but that's just what I consider to be dainty. Along with a pretty white belt and some white flats, ooh yeah- I'll be wearing that soon. Anyway! I think that a pretty dress for day-time wear is a definite essential for girls confident enough to get a bit of leg out. Next time you see a pretty dress in a shop and you think "I'd love to try it on, but seriously, when could I wear it?" remember that you can dress down dainty dresses with flats, tights and a cardigan or you can dress them up to the heavens with heels and a blazer. Confidence is key, my friends.

The Denim Jacket
I'm going to be writing a post all about how I style denim jacket's pretty soon, so stay tuned for that. I love wearing my jacket to all sorts of things, from shopping to getting my passport photo done. Seriously- I did that. I really love denim jackets. I'm more towards ones with sleeves rather than the gilet version, but whatever floats your boat. I'm really tempted to buy some studs off ebay and stud the corners, but I'm afraid I'll do it wrong somehow and ruin it. A definite wardrobe essential for me.

The Maxi
I love wearing my maxi skirt all the time, especially because it's black and it slims me down! Both maxi dresses and maxi skirts are lovely pieces to have in your wardrobe mainly because they can be worn pretty much all throughout the year and still provide you with approving glances from people that walk passed you on the street. They might not be for everyone, but they are definitely for me. I also think that they look lovely on larger women as well as slim-jims. I'm not slim in any way, shape or form and I still feel confident when I'm wearing either of them because they just have that effect on you.
The Heels
So I had to throw them in. Heels, no matter if they're neon pink or black with studs- Heels are essential, especially to girls that are 5"4 and never going to grow again. So perhaps you can't dress them down if they're 5" or whatever, but by god are they lovely to look at. Wedges are definitely the more comfortable version of heels and I find myself struggling with these platform babies all the time (my feet kill so badly!) but I think it's worth it just to get a confidence boost (and the height is a bonus!). Maybe if you're super tall already, you might not think that you need heels- that's fine, but for now please excuse me whilst I oggle at my pair (of shoes! I had to add that after reading the whole thing.).
The Casual White Tee
My final essential item is the casual white tee. I got mine from Topshop recently, oversized and a little see-through, but so easy just to chuck on with some leggings or jeans and pop up to the local shop for the newest copy of Elle. I absolutely love this top, mainly because it is so plain and you can just do whatever with it and still look lovely. It's official, I love it.

I hope that you enjoyed today's post. I'll explain in a future post about what's going to start happening with this blog. It's not earth-shattering, but I think it's more inviting for sure. Don't forget if you enjoyed today's post to follow this blog and tweet any suggestions to @dailybeaut. 
Thanks for reading, bye bye!


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  2. Really like this post, really need to get myself a peplum top! really like that blazer too.

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