Sunday, 30 June 2013

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Hey everyone! 

As I'm sure you all know, Google Reader is shutting down, so those of you who follow me using that little friend connect option provided by Google and would like to keep reading my posts- please make sure to head on over to bloglovin' (button to the right) and follow me there.

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For those of you that didn't know about this, don't panic! You have until the 1st of July to be able to warn your followers and get them to follow you again (although I'm pretty sure they'll do it anyway!).

Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Most-Used Perfumes!

Every morning is routine for me, which always ends with a spritz of perfume to just freshen myself up a little bit. I never go anywhere not wearing any perfume, so it's become as natural as brushing my hair. Throughout the past year or so, I've been changing up my perfume collection and getting rid of some of the ones that I've gone off and adding a couple that I just couldn't let go of in Boots!

Recently, I've seen lots of YouTube beauty guru's making videos on their perfume collections- so I thought I'd hop on the band wagon and let you all know what perfumes I absolutely couldn't do without. Instead of showing you all of my perfumes, I thought I'd just show you the ones that I use the most often and adore more than the others!



My most casual perfume that I wear regularly is Zara's own-branded 'White' eau-de-toilette, which I got when I went to Portugal at the beginning of this year. Although I've not had it for a very long time, I've gotten into the habit of spraying this much more than my other ones. I love the smell of this perfume- it's not as fresh as the other perfumes in my collection and has a slightly more musky hint to it, even though it's typically a floral scent. According to the Fragantica website, it features magnolia, freesia, jasmine and amber.  It's a very wearable scent which I tend to just chuck on before heading to school or out shopping. It's quite a long lasting scent, which often leads me to finding that using only 2-3 sprays in the morning lasts on the skin for the whole day.


Ah, Chance. Out of all of my most regularly used perfumes, this one has to be hands-down my favourite. Apparently, the main ingredients are- 'Top notes are lemon and cedar; middle notes are pink pepper, water hyacinth and jasmine; base notes are teak wood, iris, amber, patchouli, vetiver and white musk.'. So there you go- hope that meant something to you! I can vouch for the lemon and cedar- it's a very fresh scent that stays on your skin throughout the whole day so not many spritz are necessary for you to smell fresh and fabulous all day. As you can see, I've gone through almost half the bottle- which has lasted me pretty well for a year and a half since purchasing it. The eau fraiche comes in green (funky, right?) and smells just as nice as the parfum- so if you're debating on it and like the smell of the fraiche, save yourself a few quid and go for it. 

Miss Dior

Miss Dior Eau Fraiche. This one is a million miles away from the delicately sweet yet sour tones from Chanel's Chance and still I adore it. It's safe to say that I'm not sure where my nose lies on the scale of scents. This one is definitely an evening scent- quite overpowering if you use too much of it! I tend to wear this more in the evening in the summer/spring. I absolutely love this scent- which is floral but definitely not as fresh as most. I got this perfume as a gift last Christmas and use it very sparingly- hence not much has gone from it yet. 

Especially Escada

This is the newest addition to the group. This was a little gift for myself bought with my Superdrug points that I'd been saving for absolutely ages. Especially Escada - Delicate Notes is a very cute scent. It's based on the initial Especially Escada, which is a very rose-based scent. This perfume definitely screams rose when you spritz it. The only downside to this perfume is that it doesn't last as long as the previous three, sadly. After about four hours, the scent is normally unnoticeable, so I often find myself having to re-spray this in the middle of the day. It can be a bit of a pain, but it smells so nice that I deal with it.

I hope that you found this post interesting. What are your favourite perfumes? Are any of these in your regularly-used perfumes? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Natter, Natter, Natter!

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I feel like I'm constantly making excuses as to why I've been failing to post regularly ever since creating this blog. I absolutely love blogging and would adore to be able to just sit down at the computer every day and write a beauty-based post, but sadly school life takes the wheel and hobbies need to take the back seat.

I've recently been cramming like mad for what feels like every exam under the sun and at the same time having thousands of driving lessons to get my skills up to scratch. It's been mega stressful, I must say. I've also been trekking around all the Uni's that I could potentially be going to, so there goes all the weekends that I could have spent blogging! Luckily, that's mostly over now.

It's safe to say that I've passed my driving (first time, yippee!) and I've also completed all of my exams and met all my deadlines for coursework. Thank goodness. Still a few more Open Day's to visit- need to find the perfect Uni for an English Lit course.

Anyway! Onto the more blog-related information. As a mini-celebration for passing my driving, I fancied a change in my appearance. So, out with the brunette and in with the blonde! I'm still not sure if I love the transition, but it's growing on me. I think it's a bit too Gold in tone at the minute, so I'm regularly using an Ash toner shampoo to get it a little more natural-looking. 


Another good thing that's happening is in 60-ish days, I'll be going to London and having a bit of a splurge with my mum on clothing and re-vamping my wardrobe (it needs it- seriously!) all ready for the new school year and a holiday to Florida! 

I think that I'll definitely be posting all about the upcoming holiday throughout every post until November (when I go) because I absolutely positively definitively adore Disney!

A bit of a nonsensical post, I know- but I felt like after months and months of nothing that I should give you all a little update. I'm hoping that I'll have enough time throughout the summer to be able to start back up with blogging again about all of the beauty and fashion bits that I'm loving.

Let me know if you've got any of this stuff going on in your life at the minute! Also, any posts that you want to see from me? Let me know!