Wednesday, 9 November 2016

09.11.2016: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review - Koko K

A month or so ago, I received my Kylie Jenner lip kit in the colour Koko K. I've been wanting to try out one of these for a super long time, but unfortunately I either couldn't afford to splurge on a sole lip kit, or when I could afford one, the colour I wanted would be out of stock. Eventually both factors lined up for me, and hey presto, I ordered one.

Being in the UK, I was frustrated to say the least when Kylie Jenner brought out her range with a hella big pricetag on international shipping. I waited to strike as soon as she had an offer on her site for reduced international shipping costs down to $5.00 (I'm an avid follower of her snapchat, so I knew exactly when it was dropping). Once ordering the lip kit, I received an email letting me know it would take 3-5 days for the order to process, and then a further 10-15 days for it to be shipped over to the UK. Standard stuff, so all was good. 

Around 14 days after placing the order, I checked on the tracking website which had said that it's been delivered to the UK, as if the item had been delivered to me and that was the end of this. Now, I rarely order things from the US, so it totally escaped my mind that I had to pay an international handling fee (ugh!). In total, this racked up the price of the purchase so overall I paid around £45. For one lipstick. Most of the time I reject Mac lipsticks because they're £13.50, and now I've just gone and bought an equivalent for over three times that price. But there you go. In order to get value for money, my advice would be to order several in one go, as you only have to pay the shipping and the handling fee once but get more bang for your buck.

Anyway, onto the actual review of the product. I chose the colour Koko K mainly because I didn't want to risk getting a dark colour for such a hefty price, and also I just wanted a classic nude/pink that I can shove on my lips for whatever the occasion. I even wore it to an interview I had this morning, such fun! I've swatched the liner and the liquid lipstick for you to see. It dries super quickly once you put it on the lips, and I've found that even though it's not too drying, it can get a little flaky a few hours in. However, you can't really re-apply on the go, you sort of have to start from scratch whenever you want to top up, as it can really feel heavy on the lips if you wear more than one coat.

The liner, even though I haven't tackled trying to sharpen the thing yet, goes very smoothly onto the lips and feels very creamy. The liquid lipstick is applied using the dofer applicator which is a good size (too big means clown lips and too small means 'can I even be bothered to paint my lips with this?') and goes on very smoothly also. As it dries quickly, you need to work fast to get your lips covered precisely, but I haven't had much of an issue with that. 

In short, I really like this lip kit. Would I go through the process of ordering and waiting for one, then having to pay a handling fee on top again? Probably not. I'll wait until they come to the UK in a few years time. I'll just have to be super sparing with this one!

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of Kylie's lip kits, or if you're definitely going to be giving one a go! I wish I had unlimited money so I could get all of them and not give a hoot about shipping/handling fees, but there you go! Don't forget to subscribe for more content and comment below if there's anything you'd like me to take a look at in the future! 

Have a great day guys!

Monday, 7 November 2016

07.11.2016: October Favourites

Well hello! Another long stint without any posts or updates from me. It's frustrating when all you want to do is document your thoughts, interests, absolute hates etc. but everything else gets in the way. I've started my third year of university which is notoriously 'the hardest out of all three, holy shit you have to write a dissertation alongside reading a million and one books, doing exams and other pieces of coursework' and all, yada yada yada. Summer was just a blur of working. However, I'm going to start looking at this blog a little differently. Rather than it being an obligation and feeling guilty whenever I take time away from it, I should look at it instead as being my down-time, because it's fun to write.

So, without further ramblings, lets have a nose at my October favourites. (October went super quick, didn't it? I honestly can't remember writing down month number 10 in my notebooks. Weird!)


My hair is the bane of my existence. Why the heck does it go from flat as frick to a ball of frizz that won't budge? Now granted, it has gone through the old bleaching rigmaroll but can't it just adapt already? Anyway, I was nosing on the Lush website because payday got to me and I wanted bath bombs goddamnit. So I was going through and adding a Frozen and Snowfairy here and there, when I thought that maybe I should get something for the mass of blonde on my head. That was when I read the description for Big. 'To make you feel like a mermaid' - a tagline like that will always get me. Made from seaweed and seasalt, this stuff is amazing to just shove a big dollop on your head in the shower and smush into your hair. You instantly smell like the ocean and your hair feels weightless. I love it.

Nyx 'Bitten/Mordue'

Recently I've been going super boring on the old daily makeup routine. Usual Bourjois healthy mix, Nars Laguna bronzer, Sleek brow kit, Nars Orgasm on my cheeks. But wait, hold up. When Nyx hit boots several months back, I remember picking up a blush in the flurry of manicured hands swatting others' away to get to the matte lip cremes. Just so happens that this blush was a Nyx High Definition Blush in Bitten/Mordue. This deep plum colour can make you look like a clown if you go in too heavy-handed, but when blended looks very autumnal and flattering on the cheeks. It has a few little flakes of shimmer, but nothing too in-your-face glitterbomb. Also the 'Mordue' name reminds me of the evil guy in Brave and how they constantly say it in an intense Scottish accent. Just me?

OPI's Tiramisu for Two

image taken from OPI

A week and a half ago, my mum had us booked in for a 'full on friday', which included getting our brows, lashes and nails done at our local salon. I always love walking out with brows that look good, especially after making the last job take me through two months, at the end looking slightly walrus-esque. However, this time I was most enamoured with my nails. Now, I'm normally an Essie nail varnish lover, mainly because I like the colours and they're easier to get my hands on than OPI polishes. But at the salon, I had a choice of several OPI shades for my gel nails. Wanting a dusky pink colour, I chose the closest shade going which was Tiramisu for Two. It is the bomb. I've had so many compliments on it, and it just looks like the perfect nude for my skin tone. Definitely going to be picking up a bottle when I get the chance!

MACs Warm Neutral 15x Eyeshadow Palette

It took me ages to bite the bullet and buy this, simply because I've just got so many palettes that I just throw to the wayside as soon as I get a new one. Guess what? It happened again. After picking up this palette, I haven't touched any of my UD Naked's, my Gwen Stefani bombshell, not even good old faithful Sleek palettes. I was wary that I wouldn't use this much because of the ratio of matte to shimmer shades, as I tend to stick to matte shades on my eyelids most of the time. Turns out that I don't really know my own taste, as I've been shoving glitter upon glitter onto my lids since getting this. Amber Lights is definitely a stand out, usually pairing it with some Creative Copper and a dash of Dance in the Dark just to smoke it out a little bit. Another shoutout goes to Gingersnap, and the only shade that I've hit pan on is Brule. (I will forever be a matte lover.)


image taken from Channel 4 Hunted
Over the past few days, my boyfriend and I have been glued to watching Season 2 of the Channel 4 show Hunted. I absolutely love it. If you've not heard of it before, the show focusses on 10 people going on the run for 28 days whilst a team of, yep you guessed it, Hunters, try to track them down. Whilst my boyfriend remains sceptical of whether or not it's fake (I don't think it is, however they do mention prior to the start of every episode that some aspects are recreated), I'm just sat in full-on hyper-alert hoping that the runners don't get caught. I'm not one for action, but this programme is just very interesting. I only managed to catch the back end of the last season, but this time I'm hooked. Just one more episode and we'll be fully caught up- so no spoilers please!

I think I'll leave it at that today, but rest assured there will be another post up soon enough. Let me know if there's anything that you've been loving recently, or if you've tried out anything from my favourites- or even if you're thinking of hitting any of them up since reading a little bit about my love for them!