Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Natter, Natter, Natter!

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I feel like I'm constantly making excuses as to why I've been failing to post regularly ever since creating this blog. I absolutely love blogging and would adore to be able to just sit down at the computer every day and write a beauty-based post, but sadly school life takes the wheel and hobbies need to take the back seat.

I've recently been cramming like mad for what feels like every exam under the sun and at the same time having thousands of driving lessons to get my skills up to scratch. It's been mega stressful, I must say. I've also been trekking around all the Uni's that I could potentially be going to, so there goes all the weekends that I could have spent blogging! Luckily, that's mostly over now.

It's safe to say that I've passed my driving (first time, yippee!) and I've also completed all of my exams and met all my deadlines for coursework. Thank goodness. Still a few more Open Day's to visit- need to find the perfect Uni for an English Lit course.

Anyway! Onto the more blog-related information. As a mini-celebration for passing my driving, I fancied a change in my appearance. So, out with the brunette and in with the blonde! I'm still not sure if I love the transition, but it's growing on me. I think it's a bit too Gold in tone at the minute, so I'm regularly using an Ash toner shampoo to get it a little more natural-looking. 


Another good thing that's happening is in 60-ish days, I'll be going to London and having a bit of a splurge with my mum on clothing and re-vamping my wardrobe (it needs it- seriously!) all ready for the new school year and a holiday to Florida! 

I think that I'll definitely be posting all about the upcoming holiday throughout every post until November (when I go) because I absolutely positively definitively adore Disney!

A bit of a nonsensical post, I know- but I felt like after months and months of nothing that I should give you all a little update. I'm hoping that I'll have enough time throughout the summer to be able to start back up with blogging again about all of the beauty and fashion bits that I'm loving.

Let me know if you've got any of this stuff going on in your life at the minute! Also, any posts that you want to see from me? Let me know!

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