Monday, 6 August 2012

My Lipstick Collection

Hello everyone! I've not been feeling that well for the past few days, so I've had a lot of time to think of more blog posts to do. For today's post, I thought that I could share with you my lipstick collection. Now, I only have 5 that I think are worth showing you, so I'll get stuck into those.

Collection 2000: Ruby Red, Mac: Pink Plaid, Vivo: Red Red, Vivo: Coral Flair, Mac: Ravishing

The first lipstick that I have to show you is Collection's Ruby Red. I got this lipstick about a year ago when I was just getting into wearing quite a lot of makeup. It's a dark red colour that looks lovely on the lips- but as it's so dark, it does make you look a little bit pale. I think that if you wanted a red lip but didn't really want to go out and buy one for around £8, then you should definitely consider some of Collection's lipsticks. They're all around the £3 mark and the quality is very good for the price. Definitely worth a go!

The second lipstick in my collection is actually a lot more expensive than the last. Pink Plaid by Mac is a mix between baby pink and plum. It's a matte finish, so it won't look shiny on your lips and it's definitely not sheer. If you were looking for a lipstick that you'd wear for a night out, definitely go for this one. It doesn't rub off if you were drinking from a glass and it rarely needs touching up. Also, Mac lipsticks smell absolutely lovely (kind of like vanilla), so that's a plus. Mac lipsticks are generally around £13.50 each.

The third lipstick that I'm going to show you is fairly new. I was looking for a light red colour for my lips and I wasn't really in the mood to spend a lot of money, so I popped into Tesco's and went straight for their own 'Vivo' make-up collection. They do all sorts of make-up products, from blush to eye shadows. I purchased Red Red from their collection and I loved it. My only problem with the lipsticks from Vivo is that they smell very sickly- I personally think they smell of car air freshener's (gross!). The colour, though, was exactly what I was looking for- but if you were to purchase a lipstick from there, try and practice blocking your nose! The lipsticks are only £2.99 each.

The fourth lipstick is another Vivo one. When I was picking up Red Red, I saw a coral colour and I just had to grab it. Coral Flair is an absolutely lovely colour on the packaging, but when I actually tested it on my lips- it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but I thought it was still pretty. Vivo lipsticks are a little more sheer than the Mac & Collection lipsticks, but you can layer the lipstick, so it's all good! Definitely worth £2.99.

My final lipstick is another Mac one. Ravishing is a creamsheen finish and it was actually an impulse buy, but I'm so glad that I bought it. I think that this lipstick is definitely one that you can just put on if you're in a hurry and want to do something a little brighter than your normal makeup. The colour is not as bright as Coral Flair (from Vivo), but I love it. It does need touching up a few times throughout the day as it can have the tendancy to rub off very easily- but if a gloss is applied over it, then there should be no problem. This lipstick was again £13.50.

I hope that you enjoyed today's post and might look into trying out some of these lipsticks in the future! Thank you all for reading. Look out for tomorrow's post by following this blog. Bye bye!

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