Friday, 3 August 2012

Review | St. Tropez Gradual Tan Moisturiser

Hey everyone, thought I'd write a review on this lovely friday (the end of the week! Huzzah!) on a tanning moisturiser. You might have guessed from the title that this product is from the brand St. Tropez- (although not widely talked about in the blogging/vlogging world, it's still a very well known brand that you see in almost every beauty store) it's their Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser.
Now, I'm not one to tan naturally. Whenever I go on holiday to a sunny country (because let's face it, who can actually get a decent tan in this British weather anyway?), I find myself sitting outside on a reclining deck chair for what seems like days trying to get the slightest hint of a tan- but alas, to no avail. I'm one of those people that just seem to have one skin tone all year round- which, admittedly, is great for my purse when it comes to only needing one tone of foundation & concealer but leaves me looking quite pale and bleak all the time. So, the ongoing testing of numerous fake tanning products begins.
I've gone to my local salon for a spray tan twice and both times I felt like I looked like a satsuma AND the tan kept peeling off anyway- my skin just did not seem to like spray tans. Then I attempted buying my own can of tanning spray which did not end well- I needed two coats of the stuff to actually look slightly tanned and it just turned me a funny yellow colour! Awful. After those experiences, I decided that tanning just wasn't for me.
But! I bought a copy of Elle Magazine and with it came this lovely moisturiser. I fell in love with this product after the first time I used it.
With the magazine, you could pick which tan you wanted- so I chose light/medium tan, because I don't want to look bright orange after using fake tan because then it looks very obvious due to my initial skin tone. I tested the product the day I purchased it, putting the product all over my legs, arms and shoulders, to see if it actually worked and didn't turn me a funny colour. I left the tan do it's stuff and checked on it again in the morning- it actually worked! I was a nice natural tanned colour all over my legs, arms and shoulders! I know it sounds a bit blasé to the fake tan fanatics that might be reading this post, but I was extremely impressed. This moisturiser smells absolutely lovely, to be honest. I think that it's definitely the nicest smelling tan that I've ever come across. 
The moisturiser just looks like your normal run of the mill stuff, but it's magical, I tell you. This product is usually £14.30 (can be purchased here) for 200ml. A benefit from this product (aside from the gorgeous tan) 
is that it actually improves the softness of your skin as it contains Aloe Vera. It's recommended to exfoliate before use, to remove dead skin cells- so your tan will last much longer. I highly recommend this product to anyone like myself, who has struggled with finding a tanning product that suits them and doesn't peel or cost a fortune.

Thank you for reading today's post! Hope you enjoyed reading, make sure to leave a comment or contact me if you have anything you want me to make a post about. Have a great day!


  1. I got one in ELLE too and I loved it! I am really pale and I had medium to dark and on my arms it worked so well! I know what you mean about the smell, it's actually really nice! x x x

  2. I'm adoring it at the minute! I'm definitely going to be buying the larger tube from St. Tropez as soon as I've finished this one. Did the medium to dark make your skin tan quite quickly or was it more of a gradual thing? I got the lighter one so it wouldn't look completely different from my pale skin too quickly, but if the medium to dark works gradually then perhaps that would be worth a go!