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Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd do something a bit more simple and quite similar to the 20 questions tag I did the other day. I was sort of running low on writing energy today so I thought something simple and interesting (hopefully) would do the trick nicely. If you want to read the 20 questions post, head over here. Hope you enjoy!
Basic Information!
Katie Marie Goodall (sounds like it needs to have 'the third' on the end, or something!)
My parents call me Kate, other members of my family call me Skates and my best friend has taken to calling me a range of things from Treacle to Ugly-face. She's a doll.
31st of December. Feel free to send me gifts.
Place of Birth
Swansea in South Wales. I lived there for nine years before I moved to England.
Star Sign
I'm currently in school and I can't get a part-time job anywhere, so that's out of the question. 

Hair Colour
Dark brown at the moment. A week or so ago it was brown but red in the sun- I removed the colour from it now, so it's just dark brown but for some reason, lighter at the ends. Has an ombre effect without doing anything.
Hair Length
I'd normally say below my shoulders, but it's seemed to have a rapid growth in length recently, so around about my chest area at the moment.
Eye Colour
Boring old blue, but in the sunlight they go super bright. It's fab.
Best Feature
I think my best feature is my skin. It takes a lot of effort for it to remain my best feature and when I get even the smallest spot I cringe- so I try and maintain my skin to keep it in it's current condition. All my family say that I'm lucky my skin is so smooth and clear.
I've never had braces. I've never had any fillings, either. I'm just lucky with my teeth, I suppose.
I have three piercings. A simple lobe piercing, a second lobe piercing and one cartilage piercing on my right ear. Nothing fancy. I'm going to be getting my third lobe piercing done pretty soon, though- so I'm looking forward to that.
I don't have any tattoos because I'm not eighteen yet. I don't really want to risk getting one done in a place that allows anyone under the age of eighteen to get one just because the quality might not be as up to standards and it might not be completely safe, so for now I have one and a half years of making up my mind. 
Lefty or Righty?
I'm a righty, which is fine by me! 


Best Friend
My first ever best friend was a girl called Lindsey Brown. I met her in reception at my primary school in South Wales. She was super short (and still is!) with brown curly hair and huge brown eyes. I always remember that we used to pretend to be the powerpuff girls and I used to be blossom and she'd always be buttercup. Come to think of it, those roles suited us pretty well. Sadly, we don't get to see each other anymore due to how far away we live from one another. We don't really have the same personalities that we used to either- so we've grown distant, which is a shame.
My first ever award was a trophy, which I'm so proud of even though I didn't really do anything spectacular to gain it. My trophy was given to me by the teacher of my karate class when I was around seven years old. The trophy was dedicated to me for 'the highest attendance'- not even for my amazing karate skills! Can you believe it? I was still chuffed to get an award though. 
My first sporting club was the karate I just mentioned. I didn't really enjoy it all that much, but my mum used to force me to go because I wasn't really active when I was younger. I didn't like to socialize like the other kids did and I much preferred to be in the comfort of my own home. But, alas, I had to join something- so karate was my choice and I stuck to it until I reached blue belt. 
Real Holiday
I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I think my first holiday abroad was to Majorca, possibly. Like I said, I'm not too sure and I'm a little hazy on the details. It was either Majorca or Lanzarote. 
This is so shameful. My first ever concert was McFly when I was eleven. My parents let me and my friend go to the NEC to watch them live by ourselves (which I was very nervous about, to say the least!). It was exhilarating and my ears were extremely messed up afterwards, which was a completely new experience to me then (but one that I'm very used to now).   

My favourite film has to be Monsters Inc. and I know I sound really childish saying it, but it's honestly my favourite film that I've ever seen Disney make and I love love love it. Mike Wazowski is definitely my favourite character, along with Randall. Amazing film.
TV Show
I think my favourite TV show has to be Friends, mainly because it's one of those shows that you can see a million times and still put it on and enjoy. I think I can recite most episodes and I often quote Pheobe's 'Oh no' in many situations. For example! "Katie, it's raining and the washing is out on the line!" "Oh, no" in her sarcastic manner is usually a brilliant response to show how little concern I give. 
My favourite colour is light blue.
My favourite song alternates all the time with what's current in the charts. At the minute, I think that it's 'I Won't Give Up' by Jason Mraz, which I absolutely love and find myself dancing around the house and singing to.
I don't really go to restaurants that often, so I don't really know many. I think my favourite is the Harvester, mainly because I've been there and they serve really cool bread rolls. (Simple things please simple minds.)
Has to be Topshop. I love everything in there, even if I can only afford one item per year, or so it seems.
My favourite book at the moment is The Guilded Cage, by Josephine Cox. It's lovely and romantic, but set in the 1900's in London. Loved reading it.
Elle is my favourite magazine one hundred percent. I love flicking through my brand new monthly copy and seeing all of the new fashions that'll be gracing our stores in the future. Also, they interview celebrities that are actually interesting. The writers have such a lovely style to their writing- as if they're telling a story rather than telling you a celebrities answers to a dull question.
I don't have to own them, do I? Because it won't ever happen. It just so happens to be these beauties. Chanel Short Boots. I absolutely adore them. Look how gorgeous they are. Swoon.
A little worse for wear at the moment. I've had on-and-off headaches and dizziness over the past week. Hopefully it'll wear off soon.
Single or Taken?
Single and not really bothered at this present time.
I'm not eating anything at the minute. But I have been eating a lot of chicken curry of late- it's awfully nice.
Listening to
Not listening to anything either. Apart from the constant drone of my fan that I have swinging in my room and the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard. I think I'll have to turn my music on soon. A bit of Britney, anyone? Like I said though, I've been really into a bit of Jason Mraz recently. He's got such a pretty voice.
Thinking about
What other blog posts I could do, how I should really head over to the gym today, is my phone charged? and what colour should I paint my nails. But I should be thinking about starting my homework, which is never good.

I can only assume this means what I've been watching recently, which is Pretty Little Liars season three, E! News daily, the London 2012 Olympics (of course! GO TEAM GB!), Masterchef Australia and Big Brother.
Recently I've been wearing my denim jacket quite a lot, along with black leggings and a baggy top tucked into them. I've been a little slobbish recently, so nothing snazzy. 

Want Children?
Definitely. Ideally I'd like a girl, but in the distant future, I'm sure I'd be just as happy as long as he/she is healthy and doesn't cry too much.
Want to Marry?
I'd love to get married. I always imagined myself getting married to a lovely hardworking bloke that doesn't mind my nagging. Hopefully that'll happen!
Career Choices?
I'd love to do something in the fashion/beauty industry, but I don't think that any of my qualifications would get me in- so I'm thinking of going down the ICT and Computing route and hopefully work for a fashion/beauty company doing computing- which is something that I think I'm good at.
Where do you want to live?
My ideal place to live would be in a swanky apartment in London, but unless I marry someone extremely rich or the computing industry starts paying big bucks, I think I'll just be happy living with the people that I love, no matter where the house is. 
I don't believe in God- but I would like to believe that there is something out there that helps us along.
I think that miracles can happen every once in a while, but I'd just like one to happen to me!
Love at first sight
I wish I could believe in love at first sight, but I'm a bit too worried that if it did happen, it would never happen to me. I think my personality is stronger than my appearance.
Don't be silly!
I don't believe that there are green life-forms on other planets with seven eyes and tentacles, but I do think that there is life on other planets (such as a plant, or something- I don't know!).
Soul Mates
I don't believe in soul mates (really Katie? After you just watched Crazy, Stupid, Love just a few hours ago?). I just think that there isn't just one person out there for someone. Imagine if you never found them? You could spend your life believing that one day you'd find your soul mate and you'd live happily ever after, but you might never find them and die alone. Or you could think you've found your soul mate, get married, something goes wrong, you get divorced and then what? You spend your rest of your life thinking that you're never going to find anyone that's right for you apart from your ex husband/wife. 
I believe that when you die, you either get reincarnated as another living thing or you go up to heaven, so yes.
I don't believe in Hell, mainly because it isn't a nice place to think about- so I just avoid putting my mind in a position where it thinks about it.
Kissing on a first date
I think it's fine if the moment is there and you feel the same way.
I try my hardest to believe in myself and I'm working on improving that.
Well, that was fun to write. It made me think an awful lot, too. This tag, I believe, was initially created by MeganIsobel but I originally saw it on NiaSays' channel here. Feel free to do this tag yourself- I tag all of you! Thanks for reading!

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