Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mini Haul | Birthday Presents!

Hey everyone. Today I thought that I would show you the presents that I bought for my best friends birthday. Now, her birthday was actually on the 3rd of August, but she's been on holiday in France for two weeks so I couldn't give it to her on the day. So I had to wait ages to actually give her the birthday presents I bought for her- hence why this is up super late.

 Barry M's Mint Green Nail Varnish, a Brown Shoulder Bag from Primark and a £10 topshop voucher.

Firstly, I thought I'd get her a Topshop voucher, because I'm pretty useless at picking out things for other people in Topshop- they have a lot of different styles going on and my style can be quite odd at times. So, I thought a voucher would do the job nicely so that she'd be able to buy something that she's had her eye on. These cards work like every other gift card, just buy the card for the amount of money that you'd like to put on it and voila! Just give it to whoever you want (preferably someone that'd actually use it!).

Next, I popped into Primark because I know she has a love for over the shoulder bags that you can just fling your stuff into and walk out the door, so I thought that I'd see what Primark had in store at the time. I found this lovely bag, which buckles underneath the base of the bag and has a strap which you can alter the length of. Inside the bag is a small pocket and a substantial amount of space for say, a purse and a phone.. and maybe your favourite nail varnish!

Which brings me nicely onto the final item that I bought her. I saw her tweet the other day that she really wanted Barry M's Mint Green Nail Varnish and also their Raspberry Nail Varnish- so I went into superdrug with the intention of buying both nail varnishes so she'd be surprised. Sadly, they only had Mint Green available- so I decided just to buy her that. I've wrote about Barry M's Mint Green Nail Varnish here, so make sure you check that out.

Thanks for reading this post everyone! It's safe to say that she loved her presents, by the way! Have a great day. 

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