Saturday, 11 August 2012

Review | Real Techniques Core Collection

Hello everyone! Today I'm writing to you, sat in my bedroom wearing jogging bottoms and a tank top after having a two hour gym session. It's ridiculous how much energy you can muster up just by having enough motivation and a filling breakfast! Recently, I've been falling short of having enough energy after a long day to sit and write a blog post, take pictures and then post it to my blog, but if I don't achieve all those things, I instantly have the feeling of disappointment at how dull the post looks and how it's not been as well received as more in depth posts that look generally more appealing and interesting to read. I really want to write a post every single day, so hopefully I'll be able to apply the motivation that I have when I go to the gym, into my writing, picture taking and posting. Anyway, after that long introduction and excuse, let's get into the post! Today I'm going to be writing about my Real Techniques Core Collection brushes, so sit back and enjoy the ride (sorry, I'm in an odd mood).

The Real Techniques range was created by Samantha Chapman- one of the lovely ladies on Pixiwoo, that you probably would have seen before. Now, I've always wanted to try the Real Techniques range, but I never really knew what brushes to go for- so I went for the Core Collection, mainly because I've seen video upon video of people raving about two of the brushes within the pack of four and I really wanted to buy some.

(I apologize for the amount of makeup that's on the brushes- I didn't quite get around to washing them in time for this post, but they are so over-due for a shampoo it's ridiculous.)
From left to right, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Detailing Brush and the Pointed Foundation Brush.
 The Buffing Brush has to be my favourite out of the set. It was one of the two highly recommended brushes and I can understand why. When applying my foundation, I much prefer to buff it in afterwards, otherwise it can look a little bit streaky and like a three year old just decided to rub it along my face or something. So- with this trusty, soft brush I buff the foundation into my skin in a circular motion and the foundation looks flawless and it's covered my entire face as it's been spread across- so it makes good use of your foundation too. I don't think this brush is available on it's own, but it's definitely worth buying the set if you did just want this brush individually, because it's completely worth it and also, you get three other brushes which is a bonus. 
Second brush! The contour brush is the other brush that's often raved about excessively on many youtube channels. It's used to apply your bronzer which you contour your face with as it fits perfectly under your cheek bones- but I mainly use it for blush because I don't really use my bronzer all that much. This brush is unbelievably soft on the skin and applies just the right amount of blush to my cheek bones so that I don't look  bright pink after I put it on. This brush is absolutely lovely, so definitely a thumbs up from me. 

The third brush in the collection that I thought was pretty nifty is the detailing brush. I use this to apply my concealer to my spots, under my eyes and any other blemishes that I want to cover. I just dab the brush into my concealer pot and then drag it along the spots I want to cover and then pat them in with my finger. To some people it might seem like a pointless exercise, but if you don't really want to ruin your concealer by pressing your finger on it or possibly you don't want to use an excessive amount of concealer, this brush eliminates both of those problems by picking up just the amount of product that you want and doesn't make it all clumpy. I like this brush, not as much as the buffing brush and the contouring brush, but I still find use for it- so I think it's beneficial to some people and maybe not others.
The final brush that was in the core collection is the foundation brush. Most people don't really use foundation brushes because they just apply the foundation with their fingers in dots and then buff it around the face with a buffing brush. I'm not one of those people. I like to make sure that my foundation has gone all over my face because I like quite a lot of coverage because I have blotchy skin, so I place the foundation on the back of my hand and then dab this brush into it, brushing it along my face until it's been applied all over. This does leave a streaky effect on your face- but with the buffing brush, that effect is easily eliminated. If you like foundation brushes, this does the job. If not, you can just add it to your collection because you've just purchased three brushes that are great and one that you don't care for. Either way- I like this brush a lot.

So, I hope that you enjoyed today's post. I know I said I wouldn't be doing reviews for a while, but I've been in a rut and this'll help me out of it. Please leave suggestions in the comments of other things that I can write about. Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice to see a review on these as they are on my wishlist!


  2. Great review, Id like to try the buffing brush.. I have the eye set and blush brush and they work amazing :)

    Nice blog, im following you

    xx Flo