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Review | Soap & Glory Products

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts about some of the Soap & Glory products that I own. For those who don't know, Soap & Glory is a brand that sells everything bath & beauty, from Plumping lipgloss to Shower gel and bubble bath. It's sold in almost every Boots store and has the most amazingly scented products that I've ever come across. I have five products that I want to show you today that I've purchased from Boots that might coax you into trying them yourselves. These products are quite affordable considering the quality that you get from them. All of these products I absolutely adore and I hope you'll find this post interesting.

From left to right, 1) Hand Food, 2) Mist You Madly, 3) Girligo, 4) Glam-a-lot, 5) Scrub 'em And Leave 'em

The first product I'd like to mention is Hand Food- a hand cream which has the nicest scent out of any of the Soap & Glory products that I've ever tried. To use this product, you put a small amount of the cream into the palm of your hand and rub it into your hands all over, which will leave them with a lovely shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow scent (strange combination, but it works!) and feeling super soft for a long time. It's not greasy at all and seeps into the skin almost immediately if the appropriate amount of product is used. It's safe to say that I love this product. I've had this 125ml tube since last Christmas and it's still not even half gone yet. I think that you get an awful lot of product which is absolutely fantastic because you always want to have it on your hands. It smells divine and the scent lasts on your hands for a good few hours. A normal 125ml tube of Hand Food costs £5, but smaller mini tubes of 50ml are available at £2.50 each- but check in Boots because they often have special offers!

Okay, so these are all the same type of product, but they smell different- so I can count them as three separate products. These three products are body-sprays that all came together in a gift box. You can buy these separately, but it was better value for money to get all three in the gift box. 
The first spray is Glam-A-Lot, which is a 100ml bottle (as are the other two) that smells like fresh flowers combined with vanilla- it's absolutely lovely and lasts quite some time on my skin. I always feel really girly when I wear this scent, but I think it can be worn on numerous occasions without making you feel out of place. It's lovely- highly recommended. 
The second (and I must say my favourite) spray is Mist You Madly. This has the same scent as Hand Food which I absolutely L-O-V-E. The spray has hints of "bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk" according to the website and I think all of the scents work together extremely well to create a lovely body spray. It's good for any occasion and I wear it every day to school. This is always with me in my handbag when I'm out and about.
The final spray is a moisturising body spray that you spray on your skin and rub it in, so that it improves the softness of your skin. The spray comes out onto your skin as a white liquid, so rubbing it in is pretty necessary unless you want to look like you've splashed milk on yourself. It smells absolutely lovely as it has hints of peach and strawberry in it. I think that it's more like something you'd spray on yourself after you've had a long bath or shower. 
Normally, these three bottles are 250ml, but the three I purchased are only 100ml. The 250ml bottles are all £6.50 each and the Mist You Madly comes in a 100ml bottle separately for £3.50. I love all of these fragrances, so make sure you get yourself down to boots and try them out if you're in need of a new body spray.

Finally (Sorry that this post has been super long), the Scrub 'em And Leave 'em Body Scrub. Now, at Christmas time I was given 'The Breakfast Club', which is a Maple Syrup scented body scrub with I absolutely adored- but when I ran out of it, I thought I'd try something a bit more corresponding to the lovely weather we've had recently, so I got a zesty scented Body Buff with Mandarin Oils. I love this scent much much much more than the Maple Syrup one mainly because it's so fresh- and this tub was cheaper for the same amount of product, which is a plus. This body scrub is normally £7.50 for 300ml of the stuff, which I think is fabulous. (Something that you might find funny is two ingredients used to make this product- Hydroxyisohexy 3-Cycohexenecarboxaldehyde and Linalool)

I hope that you've enjoyed today's (extremely long) post. Just to let you know, right now all Soap & Glory products are on a three for two offer in Boots, so if you are interested in giving any of the above products a go, make sure you try them soon! 

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