Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tag | Most Worn Things This Summer!

Hello everyone! Another tag today- but something that you might have seen running the beauty video's circuit recently (Olympics reference!). It's the 'Most Worn Things This Summer' tag, which I've absolutely loved watching and I do find really interesting. This might not be your bag, especially if you've been suffering the weather in the UK like I have and you just wanted to sling on a jumper instead of some shorts! The weather can make you quite fed up and not as enthusiastic to do your makeup or dress up, but I've managed to get out and about when we did have those few days of hot weather and I also went on holiday, so I have gotten a little bit of use of my more summer-y items! On with the tag!

1. Nail Polish 
My absolutely most-worn nail polish this summer has been Blue Moon by Barry M (spoken about here), which is an absolutely lovely pastel blue colour. Love it!

2. Hair Product
I'm far too lazy with my hair than what I should be! I've been using my Pantene Pro V Aqua Light Shampoo, which I do use all year-round and isn't just a summer thing, but I don't really use much else on my hair! 

3. Bag 
My most worn bag has been my black studded bag that I cheekily purchased off an eBay shop. I absolutely love it! I do have to mend the strap a little bit, which is a pain! I shouldn't have taken it to that festival.

4. Shoes
My most worn shoes this summer have been my brown brogues that I got about a year ago from Peacocks. They're too comfortable to not wear all the time! I've got a very prominent tan line on my feet from them, though!

5. Clothing Item 
My most worn clothing item this summer (when we actually had sun) has been my white blazer from Topshop, which I absolutely adore. It's such a nice fit and is very comfortable! 

6. Accessory 
My most worn accessory this summer has been my hamsa hand necklace from Kukee - I love it!

7. Foundation 
I only ever use my MAC Studio Fix Foundation because it gives me just the amount of coverage that I need.

8. Bronzer and/or Blush
I've only really worn my MAC Fleur Power this Summer because it's such a lovely coral colour, definitely recommended!

9. Lip Product 
My most worn lip product has been Collection's Matte Lipcream in CandyFloss. It's a dupe for NYX Matte Lip Creams, but doesn't offer the range of colour like NYX do. I've wrote a review of the Collection's Lipcream here. 

10. Mascara
I'm not going to go on about this much because I think it's featured in every post that I've ever wrote. Clinique's High Intensity Mascara. That's all.

11. Eyeshadow 
I've been wearing colours from my Sleek Storm Palette recently, which are highly pigmented. I might right a review my Sleek Palette's soon. 

12. Fragrance
I've been wearing my Chance perfume by Chanel relentlessly this summer- it's so lovely and floral, if you like those things in a fragrance, then you should try that out. It's amazing!

Well, that's all for today's post! I hope that you've enjoyed reading today. Pretty soon I'm going to start phasing out my long introductions because they can be a little tiring to read- so I'll just start with the post and then put a little bit of an ending paragraph with things that are included normally in the first paragraph. Anyway- I'll stop rambling! Thank you for reading today's post and please follow this blog if you'd fancy reading more. Bye everyone!

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