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Top 5 Barry M Nail Varnishes

Hello everyone, hope you're having a lovely day. Today's post is going to be focused around my favourite Barry M nail varnishes as of right now. Now, I'm a nail varnish fanatic and I constantly have my nails painted- most of the time I change the colour every weekend and stick with that colour for a whole week. I think that Barry M do decent nail varnishes for the cheap price of £2.99 each (and most of the time, Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on the Barry M range, so even more affordable) and they have quite a wide variety of colours available. Also, they don't tend to chip as much as other nail varnishes I've tried, so that's an added bonus. They're also quick drying and only need two coats to have an even coat of nail varnish. So, let's get started.

These are the colours that I chose for my top five. Now, I only actually own 9 Barry M nail varnishes, but I pick out the prettiest colours to buy (and I'm sure I'll be purchasing a lot more in the very near future- do I hear Superdrug spree?) so I can always have flawless, jealousy-enhancing nails.

Number 5
Lemon Ice-cream is a bright yellow nail varnish that I mostly wear when I'm sporting a decent tan and I think that it's definitely a summer colour for the nails. In the bottle, it appears slightly less bright that what you actually get when you apply it to your nails- but I think it looks very dainty when you apply a matte coat on top of it. Overall, a big thumbs up for that colour. 

Number 4
A slightly less in-your-face colour would be Blue Moon- a pastel blue colour that's very true to shade from the bottle. I think that it's a really pretty blue, slightly darker than powder blue. Again, this nail varnish looks lovely with a matte coat applied on top of it, but also looks just as lovely with a glossy coat. I really recommend this colour and I think that it's absolutely perfect for the summer but is versatile enough to wear on your nails in the winter. It definitely suits most skin tones too and doesn't make you look pale, either which is a bonus for me because sometimes I find myself looking as white as a sheet with some colours- especially black and red.

Number 3
Number three is another pastel shade, but this time it's Mint Green which is a very suitable name, if I do say so myself. Sometimes it can clash with your outfit, but who cares? It's such a pretty colour and again, it's so suitable in the summer and can even be worn in the winter. For £2.99, you can't really go wrong, can you? I think it's definitely a coat that you'd wear on it's own though- I don't think it needs to have other colours mashed in with it (for example, half blue and half green). Again, definitely more pretty with a matte coat on top of it.

Number 2
I love this colour on my nails mainly because it looks like it's expensive. I know it sounds silly, but you know when you wear a fancy shirt from primark that looks expensive but you only really paid a tenner for it? That's what it feels like when you have this colour on your nails. This colour is called Cobalt Blue (see? even sounds posh!) and it actually looks exactly the same as the bottle which is awesome because you're getting exactly what's on the tin, or bottle if you like. This looks a bit odd with a matte top coat, but I suppose it's acceptable. I much prefer it looking glossy and posh. Also, I've worn this on my toe nails a few times- I had my toe nails painted with it when I wore sandals in Normandy and I thought my feet looked lovely. 

Number 1
The big number one nail varnish from Barry M that I own is definitely Peach Melba. This is definitely a summer colour and is limited to just hot weather, but I swear it is one of the prettiest colours going. It's a peachy/orange-y/pink-y colour that just looks lovely. It looks exactly the same on the nails as it does in the bottle and it looks equally as appealing with a shiny glossy coat as it does with a matte finish. Oh, I just love it- and even better that it only cost me the best part of £3. Fab.

Here are what all of the before mentioned nail varnishes look like when applied onto the nails. Sorry for the messy application- I'm super tired! No excuse, I'm sure.

Hope you all enjoyed today's post. I'll be doing an outfit of the day soon, which will be posted here , so look out for those if you're interested! Don't forget to follow this blog if you want to read more about beauty products, reviews, fashion and other bits and bobs.

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