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Kukee Jewellery

Just before I went on the holiday I mentioned in my Bioderma review , I realized I was running a bit low on pretty jewellery that I could just sling on and be done with. This is mind, I was watching the very lovely voussontbeauetbelle's video where she mentioned some stores that she recently purchased some pretty jewellery from, so I thought that I'd look into some of the websites she'd mentioned. 
Two of the websites that she'd ordered from took my fancy, Dixi and Kukee (mainly because the jewellery was beautiful and I'm a cheapskate). Whilst Dixi sold some very lovely things for decent prices, the majority of things that I took interest in were sold out and having only a couple of things in my bag didn't really justify a purchase. BUT, when I looked at Kukee, I realized that everything was too cheap and beautiful to pass on and added about 10 things into my basket. Although the prices were so low I was in awe, I had to take a couple of things out of my basket because I only had £15 at the time. 
Now, you probably want to know a little bit more about Kukee. Kukee is an online shop that sells handmade jewellery for very low prices to people that love a bargain and post your items over to you in a matter of two-three days. They sell jewellery ranging from £1 to £5, everything being bang on trend and available in gold/silver.
Onto my purchases! I ordered 9 pieces of jewellery from the website and was given another item because I'd spent over £10. 
These are the pieces I got. I know, they're beautiful. Squee. 
I fell in love with these when I saw them on the website. These Cross stud earrings come in the colours black, silver and (a very light) gold. As you can see, I ordered the silver ones and I was uber pleased with what I received. They are stud earrings, so they don't dangle from your ears threatening to get caught in absolutely everything, they are quite large but it supports the image that Kukee show you (so I was pleased) and they're quite sturdy too, so you don't have that worry of if they'll fall apart. I bet you're wondering how much these lovelies were, right? £2.50! I know, I couldn't believe it either. 

The above-knuckle ring seems to be a huge thing recently so when I saw that Kukee sold them, I jumped at the opportunity to buy some. These rings (I purchased two gold and two silver) fit absolutely perfectly and they're so easy to just throw on to spice your outfit up. The rings themselves are silver plated and twisted to give a lovely look and feel. I worried that they would turn my finger green if I got the ring wet, but have no fear! Having worn them pretty much constantly for the past three weeks, my fingers have stayed there usual fleshy colour and haven't had a speck of green produced by these rings. £1.50 each by the way- definitely the cheapest above-knuckle rings that I've ever come across. Fabulous.
Remember I mentioned I got a free piece of jewellery for spending over a tenner? This was it. It looked so pretty upon it's arrival and I was so pleased with it. It fits perfectly on my index finger and is actually adjustable, so you can pop it on any one that you fancy (except the thumb, I think it'd become too mishaped if you stretched it that much) by just pulling on it a bit. Sadly, after a few days of wearing the ring, I noticed that the colour on the band of the ring started to turn into a dull grey and in some places even began turning a little brown, also my finger had a prominent green line encircling it. I was gutted, to say the least- it was so pretty and I just wanted it to look nice again. If I'd had common sense, I would've put some clear nail varnish over it beforehand so that the silver wouldn't become so horrid and my finger wouldn't have turned green. Alas. Since, I've scraped at it and coated it in clear nail varnish, so the brown has gone and it no longer leaves a green line on my finger- but it doesn't look as good as when it first arrived. Oh well- not bad considering it was free, though. If you do purchase one of these dangly charm rings, make sure that you coat it in clear nail varnish! Then it'll remain beautiful for so much longer. Normally, these rings are £2 which is still an absolutely amazing price for something so pretty and on trend, you know?
(Sadly, this is no longer on the Kukee website. It might come back, though!) 
This sideways hamsa hand necklace looked so pretty on the website that I just had to add it to my basket. I've seen so many beauty guru's get really into the whole hamsa hand thing, so I thought that I'd pick one up. This necklace was only £2 and it's worth that and so much more. Throughout my holiday, I wore this pretty much every other day and it just brightened up a casual tee, you know? I'm so glad that I picked this necklace up and I'm sure that I'll be getting a few more in the future. (Oh, and no green neck either!)
I've just become aware of how long this post has been- I'll keep it short and sweet from now on, promise! 
This sideways cross necklace has been seen on almost everyone ever now, so I just needed it. It wasn't a want, it was a need situation. This necklace was only £2.50. Can you believe that? Yes, you can. No green marks have been left on my neck, the chain is the perfect length and oh, it's just so beautiful. 
Neither of the necklaces above could be shortened though, which was a great shame because some of my tops that I owned needed a shorter chain, or they'd sort of sit awkwardly. But still, amazing value for something so damn pretty.
Final mention of things, my delivery came two days after I ordered it which was fabulous otherwise I'd have had to wait until I'd gotten back from holidays to open them. They came in a bright pink tissue paper and then inside little individual see-through packages, like so.
Overall, I was ultra-happy with my purchases and I'm definitely going to be ordering off them in the very near future. Don't forget to check out their website and have a nose about and maybe pick up a few bits and bobs. They ship nationally, too, so don't let that hold you back. Kukee also has twitter (@ilovekukee)! 

Phew, that was a long one. I might make a video on a future Kukee haul, if you're interested.
I hope that for those who watched enjoyed the opening ceremony to the London 2012 Olympics. I, for one, was bursting with pride.
Enjoy the rest of the Olympics!

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