Sunday, 29 July 2012

July Favourites

July has been an absolutely fantastic month for me, getting to go on a glorious holiday, starting this project, buying some lovely bits and bobs and even getting treated to some gifts from my parents. I thought that for today's blog post I'd share with you my favourite beauty products that I've been using this month (and absolutely adoring).

These are the six products that have kept me an extremely happy bunny this month, if I do say so myself. These six products include Clinique high impact mascara, H&M Matte top coat, MUA foundation/skin primer, MAC Fleur Power, Chanel Chance and Collection 2000 Cream Puff matte finish lipcream. Also, Bioderma Make-up remover, which I wrote a blog post on which you can find here. Let's begin, shall we?
Clinique's high impact mascara has been the only product to grace my eyelashes throughout this year. I received a box of three of these mascara's two years ago as a Christmas present and to be honest, when I first got it I didn't think that much of it. I don't know why, but I sort of ignored it for quite some time because I just didn't think it did anything for my eyelashes. I realized that I wasn't seeing the benefits of this mascara when I used it layered on top of an old 17 mascara, so I tried it on it's own and boy did it make a difference. It lengthened my lashes extraordinarily, especially after I'd used eyelash curlers. It was amazing! I soon used up one of the mascara's so now I'm on my second one and I just know I'm going to be purchasing another when the time comes (hopefully in a long time). Looking on the Clinique website, apparently it's meant to improve the thickness of your lashes, which I haven't noticed particularly. It only appears to lengthen mine, not increase the volume of them, which is why I sometimes put another mascara on top that's targeted at lengthening mascara. Oh well. This mascara is £16 from Clinique's website and is sold at pretty much every Clinique consession stand, so next time your in debenhams (or the like) and you fancy a new lengthening mascara, perhaps give this a go?
The next product is pretty straight forward, really. Pop some of this on top of your nail varnish and you're nails will look and feel extremely matte. H&M Matte Top Coat only cost me £2.99 and as I was looking for a matte top coat, I thought that it would do the job nicely- and it definitely did. I had been tempted to order the Elf matte top coat, but I would have had to pay for postage and wait for it to arrive and everything and this was in my hand in the shop and so affordable, I wasted no time in handing my money over. Once putting this on my nails, it only took a minute for it to dry and make my nails look fabulous. Sadly, it's almost run out after only a month, so next time I go to H&M, I reckon I'll stock up on a few. 
I'm not a lip cream/gloss girl by any means, give me lipstick any day and I'm sorted- but honestly, this stuff it amazing. I've been tempted to order some NYX Matte lip cream ever since I saw Beautycrush say how fantastic they are and I'd made up my mind when I got back from holiday to order some as soon as possible- but then I went to Tesco. And they sell Collection 2000 makeup. And they sell CreamPuff Matte lip creams for £2.99. CollectionCosmetics (formally known as Collection 2000, even though everyone still calls them that) have four colours available, Angel delight (a brown-ish shade- not my bag, really), Powder Puff (a very nude pink), Fairy Cake (a peachy/coral colour) and Cotton candy (the swatched shade above). I had set my mind on buying the Fairy Cake colour, but I was gutted to find out that they only had the tester available (gross), so I went for the plum-coloured Cotton Candy (nothing like the colour of cotton candy). Anyway, when I got home I put this on straight away to check to see if it actually looked nice and felt matte on my lips. It's safe to say it did and I absolutely adore this product. It does go quite thick if you put it on all of your lips and then pout them together, so I would recommend just putting it on either the top or bottom lip and smushing them together- but it does the job so well and stays on your lips for such a long time- it's a similar shade to MAC's Pink Plaid. I think I'll still be buying a couple of NYX matte lip creams just because they have a lot more shades, but I'm definitely going to be picking up Fairy Cake, Powder Puff and a few more of this shade in the near future.
Apologies for the swatch on this one, folkes, it isn't really all that clear. This is my first ever MAC blush and I absolutely love it. It comes up so peachy on my cheeks and I just think that it was so worth the money. This product cost £17.50 and is a press powder blush from MAC. You only need a small amount on your brush and you can just blend it along your cheek bone so nicely. I definitely recommend this product if you've got a light skin tone like I have, I'm not sure on what it would look like on a darker skin tone so perhaps test it before purchasing. The swatch isn't doing this blush any justice as all. This blush is available both in a pot or in a pan (for palettes). Like I said, this is my first MAC blush and to be honest it was the only one that really stood out to me on the day because I've been in love with coral colours recently. This is probably my second favourite item out of all my favourites this month (the best is yet to come, mon amie!) 
MUA Primer, how I depend on thee to not have a blotchy face. Although it doesn't look the slightest bit appealing in the picture above, I need this on my face before I put my foundation because otherwise, my foundation would either go really blotchy and expose my (what seems to be) multi-tonal skin or my foundation would look fine on all of my face apart from my nose where it just seems to fall off. This primer for me is an absolute lifesaver. I knew with my skin that I'd need one and it just so happens that one of the cheapest brands ever sold one, so I happily picked that up from superdrug for £4 and I'm so glad I did. If you suffer with blotchy skin even after blending your foundation in all over your face, buy this stuff. It's amazing. I couldn't wear make-up without it, I've become too dependent. 
Oh my gosh it's so good. This is the numero uno of all of my favourites this month. Chanel Chance is my favourite perfume in the entire world ever, it has to be said. I think that it's the nicest, freshest, sweet but not too sweet scent that I've ever smelt. I wear this everywhere, to school, to town, even to the gym that's how much I love this smell. I've been lusting after this perfume for a year and as I haven't got an income that I can save up, I have to wait for my birthday or for a moment of parental generosity for something worth over £30. Thankfully, my parents decided to treat me to a 50ml bottle of this on the ferry on the way back from Normandy. I got the Eau de Toilette, mainly because it was £10 cheaper and I can't really tell the difference between the two. I got it in green (an impulse really, I thought it looked funky). I just know that I'm going to be buying another bottle as soon as this one is empty, but I'll have to save up as it cost £41. Excuse me whilst I spritz myself with it again.

And that's it for my July Favourites! I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed using these items. Don't forget that if you found this post interesting to follow this blog so that you can read the daily posts I write.
Thanks for reading!

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