Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cardiff Haul!

Well, it has been a while, hasn't it? Since my last post I've juggled going to school with working super hard to earn some money for that wishlist I mentioned a while ago! As promised, I went shopping in Cardiff and got a huge amount of stuff to show you guys, so I think I'll just get straight into it- you've suffered enough banter-orientated posts! Just as a heads up, this is only a beauty and jewellery haul. I did get a couple of fashion items, but only basics!

Above you can see a multitude of bits and bobs. I managed to chuck a few nail varnishes into my basket, namely Barry M's Pink Flamingo and Matt White, that Matte Top Coat I always go on about from H&M and two nail polishes from Models Own (my first ever Models Own purchase, as a matter of fact)- Balearic Cool and Beach Party (the orange one everyone mentions!). As it has been I while since I endulged myself in Cardiff, I have managed to try on every single on of these nail varnishes and I must say, I loved each and every one. My favourite has to be Beach Party, mainly because it's been my turn-around point since disliking orange to loving it completely and utterly. It's a shame darker colours are coming in now, due to the groggy weather and the change in season!

Other items that you can see include two Body Shop products- a Grapefruit Scented Body Butter and a Mango Lip Butter. The Body Butter has been the first thing I reach for after having a nice shower, making me smell all sweet for the day. This scent might not be for everyone- it certainly grew on me, mainly because I remember going into the Body Shop a while back and smelling it and I did put it down rather quickly in distaste but now, I own it. Funny how things change! The Lip Butter has been a new resident of my school bag, believe it or not. If I'm having a day where I can't be bothered with lippy, I chuck some of this on and walk around sniffing my lips all day! I'm a strange sight, I tell you.

You see the white compact with little gray stars on it? That's my new highlighter from Topshop. Cost me £10 and it's a new holy grail product of mine. I used to be the sort of person that wanted a completely matte make-up look, but recently all I want is a glowy face! Not easy to do when your only foundation is excessively matte! So this baby makes me shine like the sun. What an oddly vain metaphor!

You might know that I'm infatuated with crosses. I don't think I go a day without wearing an item of clothing or jewellery that doesn't have the infamous cross symbol. So, without little apprehension, when I was having a gander at New Looks 'Buy One Get One Free' offer, I snapped this little cross ring up in a jiffy. It was only £2.50 and you'll soon find out that I got it for free anyhow!

The other item that I got from New Look can be seen much more clearly here. See those little golden skulls with small crosses dangling from them? Those cost £2.99 and allowed me to get the cross ring free. New Look might not be as on-trend as Topshop when it comes to clothing, but you've got to love their cheap fashionable jewellery!

Whilst in Superdrug, along with the Barry M nail varnishes, I picked up some Accessorize make-up. Now, I've never really shopped in Accessorize itself, but I'd seen Pixiwoo's Drugstore Haul and they had shown these adorable products! They had also mentioned the pigmentation was decent and they resembled the Mac baked blushes! I know you can't see them properly, but I'll be doing a review on them shortly so you'll be able to see them in much more detail and you'll know my opinion on them too! 

Remember how I always go on about how my skin needs a primer and the cheapest one that I've found is from MUA for £4? I picked that up again and in three weeks, I've almost ran out completely. I love love love this product! I won't go on about it any more though- you'll all be sick of it, I'm sure!

The same time I purchased my highlighter, I also picked up a couple of jewellery items that were on sale at the time. I had a bit of a skull-overload whilst in Cardiff and I saw these and swooned. This silver bracelet was only £2.50 and the earrings were £2. Need I say more?

I was weak. I saw Urban Outfitters and I ran in. I'd never shopped in Urban Outfitters before, but I knew they did the most gorgeous on-trend jewellery and I needed some, pronto. I picked up a pair of Hamsa Hand earrings for £6 and some teenie tiny cross earrings for £6. I think that the cross earrings are perfect for my second lobe piercing, mainly because they look super nice there and they don't look silly!

Whilst in the Body Shop, I had a bit of a Mango overload and bought a body mist too- another school bag essential. The main perfume that I use is my Chanel Chance, but I don't really want to use all of that at school and I definitely don't want to carry it around in my bag! So, this does the job nicely. Makes me positively stink of mangoes, but who doesn't love that smell? I've not had any complaints, anyhow!

And finally, I treated myself to a couple more Real Techniques brushes. The Powder Brush (the huge one to the right) is absolutely perfect for applying powder to finish your makeup and it's so unbelievable soft that I don't know how I lived without it. I also got a Stippling Brush just for a bit of variation from the Buffing Brush I use all the time. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's definitely a good brush!

Okay, so I've been away a little too long. Forgive me- school has just been hectic! But I promise, I'm definitely going to start writing more posts again. Make sure you follow this blog if you've not already! Look out for my next post- spoiler, it's something to do with my bag! You might find out what's in it!

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