Saturday, 1 December 2012

Make-Up Brush Collection

Ever since my fascination with beauty products began, I've branded myself as 'the girl who needs more brushes'. I think that I've got more of an addiction to the brushes than I do with the makeup itself! Admittedly, my collection of brushes isn't a huge one, as it mainly consists of Real Technique brushes- but they are exceptional at what they do.

The brushes that I own from the collections available are the Core Collection (reviewed here), the Powder brush, the Stippling brush and the Shading brush. I also have a cheeky EcoTools foundation brush thrown in too. Now, being a girl that wears her make-up whenever she goes outside means that my brushes get dirty pretty fast, so I need to try and make sure that I wash them at least once a week (a painfully endurance-testing task, I can tell you!). Most of the time it only gets done once a fortnight, but I always need to make sure that I have a day ahead where I don't have to wear make-up, otherwise the washing needs to be done as soon as my make-up has been applied and then left until just before I do my make-up the next day! Ah, planning ahead.

Out of all of my brushes, the three that I use the most have to be my Stippling brush, my Buffing Brush (part of the Core Collection) and my Shading brush. 

Stippling Brush
Once applying moisturiser, I tend to squirt some of my Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (Shade NC15, if you happened to be wondering) onto the back of my hand and then dipping my Stippling brush into the foundation, I swirl the brush onto my skin and make sure that it's covering all of my face, pushing it into places that I think need extra coverage. 

Buffing Brush
Once I've applied my foundation with my Stippling brush, I'm left with an awful lot of lines on my face which I definitely want to get rid of- which is where the Buffing brush comes in! I just buff the foundation into my skin in circles, building it up if more coverage is necessary. Some people tend to just apply their foundation with this brush rather than using the Stippling brush too, but I find that the foundation tends to sit on my skin if I solely use the Buffing brush by itself. I've gone into quite a bit of detail about this brush already in the review, so check that out if you want to know why I recommend it.

Shading Brush
The thing that I lack the most of when it comes to make-up would be eye shadow brushes. I know, it's terrible. Recently I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but the brush that came with it seemed to scratch my skin and it was just very uncomfortable to use- so I had to purchase one that was soft and still good at what it's meant to do. I didn't feel like splashing out on a brush, so I went for another Real Techniques brush. It does the job nicely, leaving me with pretty well-applied eye shadow daily. The only problem I have with this brush (and it's entirely because I only have one eye shadow brush) is that it gets dirty much quicker than the rest of my brushes- but it's one of the easiest to wash, so every cloud!

Overall, I love Real Techniques as a brand- all of their brushes that I've tried out are impeccably soft and they do their job amazingly well. If I ever leave the house with unappealing makeup, I can't blame my tools! If you would like to see what I think about the rest of my brushes that I haven't yet reviewed, drop a comment below and I'll get around to it as soon as!

Have a great day!


  1. I love love them too!!! <3 Couldn't expect less from a Pixiwoo sister! :)

    1. Sam definitely outdid herself when she thought of these! x

  2. I'm saving up for those bushes!!!!!

  3. I love my RT brushes too!! Im looking to get the powder and face expert brush soon! as of now i love my buffing brush! and the eye set is great too!!
    me too, im a "must-get-more" brush type of girl but ive been really relaxed since I got my RT!! :)

    new follower here!

    1. You'll absolutely love the powder brush! It's unbelievably soft- softer than the buffing brush, even. I completely agree! They aren't too expensive either, which just draws me to buy more and more. I think I'm hooked.

      Thank you for following!
      Katie x

  4. Your photos are so clear! These brushes look so good, especially the buffing brush!!


    1. Thank you! My camera is good to me! The buffing brush is amazing, totally recommended.

      Katie x