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Review | Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

Hello everyone! Today's blog post is going to be all about some face masks that I've been loving for quite some time, which I'm sure you would've heard of or seen around and about before. The masks in question are the Montagne Jeunesse Masque's. You might assume from the name that they couldn't possibly be produced in Britain, the name sounds so different and exotic! You'd be wrong. On the bottom of the packaging, it says "Caringly made in the UK by Montagne Jeunesse, Swansea", Swansea being a city in South Wales (where I was born). What I don't quite understand is the French writing all over the packet- how strange. Anyhow, I've been using these masks for quite some time- usually being the source of entertainment at sleepovers, but more recently being used to relax from the stress of school work or to just sort my skin out when spots have taken over.

These masks come in a variety of forms, Peel Offs, Self Heating, Non-Drying (which I've never tried) and Muds.

 I've used Peel Off masks by this company in the past and if I recall, my messy application of the product caused quite a lot of it to go into my hair (boy, that was difficult to remove.) and took quite a long time for me to peel off each individual piece of mask because it refused to stick together. When applying the mask, you can't really tell what you're doing as it's a clear sticky substance that you're putting on your face- so I suggest doing it in front of a mirror with a deep look of concentration on your face, a very attractive look I can assure you. Also, it makes you look like you've been sweating solely through your facial pores, so if you did use this product, use it alone! I don't typically tend to buy the peel off masks anymore, because I didn't really feel them doing anything to my skin and I found them more of a pain than a form of relaxation. After use, I see a slight improvement in the softness of my skin but that was all really, which can also be achieved by exfoliating the skin- so not really worth the effort, I must say. Peel Off masks are available in the scents cucumber (both sachet and tottle), passion fruit (both sachet and tottle), lemon zest (sachet form), green tea (sachet form) and tropical (tottle form).

When buying these masks, I didn't really go by what form they're in as much as I go by the scent that they're in- which leads me to the Self Heating masks. Now- I've never put anything on my face that makes it go unbelievably hot before, so hot that it begins to feel uncomfortable and occasionally boarders on painful. But saying this, it does feel like it's doing something to your skin- be it good or bad, it's doing something. I used the orange chocolate form of this mask the other day whilst I was having a bit of a pampering session and it's safe to say that I wasn't expecting to have a hot face for the five minutes it's required to leave the mask on for. Bit silly really, it does say 'leave on for 5 minutes to experience the immediate warming effect' in the instructions. Completely my fault. Once quietly suffering for five minutes (as I didn't want anyone to see me looking as unattractive as I did), I removed the mask with gusto and rinsed my face with ice cold water to see my skin literally glowing from the effect the mask gave. I'd never seen it looking as healthy as it did- and it felt so unbelievably soft! Now, it does say on the sachet to use twice a week- I don't think that I'm going to live by it, but I think it's definitely going to be a regular purchase from now on and will play a key role in my weekly pampers! These masks are available in the scents Red Hot Earth (sachet), Fudge (sachet), Spices (tottle) and Orange Chocolate (sachet).

Finally, as I've never used the non-drying mask that Montagne Jaunesse has to offer, this brings me to the Mud masks. I love these. I've always loved these. You apply the mask with your fingers all over your face (avoiding lips and around the eyes) and you just wait 10-15 minutes for it to go completely dry and hard all over your face. I think it's really cool, to be honest- just to see your face turn (pretty quickly) into a clay-looking thing. You don't feel the effect on your skin like you do with the Self Heating masks, but you can certainly feel the mask hardening on your face. When I use these, I feel like I shouldn't really move my face once it's began drying, just in case it interferes with the whole hardening process- but it is oddly satisfying. When removing this mask (just rinsing with lukewarm water) my skin feels revitalized and fresh, making it also very soft to touch. Overall, very effective indeed. This form of mask if available in Strawberry (tottle and sachet), Dead Sea (tottle and sachet), Rose (sachet), White Chocolate (sachet), Fruit Smoothie (sachet), Dark Chocolate (tottle), Normal Chocolate (sachet), Olive (sachet), Lavender & Jasmine (sachet) and Aloe Vera (sachet).

These masks are available in tonnes of shops in the UK. Tesco, Wilkinsons, Bodycare, Boots, Superdrug etc. Many big retailers stock these for around the £1. Wilkinsons is where I normally purchase them as they sometimes have a buy one get one free offer- and they're always 99p anyway.

Montagne Jaunesse are currently running a competition for folk to 'rename the baby', which is referring to the company name as they've noticed that people struggle to remember the name because it's just too complicated and difficult to pronounce. Enter that competition here. Also, follow the company on twitter!

I hope you've enjoyed today's post! Have a lovely day and don't forget to check back here or follow for more daily posts on beauty, fashion and the like.

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  1. Great post.I love these face masks literally make my skins feel so smooth